* Performance management, counseling and disciplinary action *

* Employee terminations *

* Employee communications and recognition programs *

* Union avoidance *

* Workplace issues:  employee morale, substance abuse, sexual harassment *

How much of your business day is spent dealing with these issues?  These are necessary but time consuming parts of any manager’s job, and if handled incorrectly, can lead to enormous risk and exposure for any employer.  Let HR/Labor Solutions become your “Employee Relations Department.”  Our experienced human resources professionals can provide a range of services to take these issues off your hands, or, if you prefer, guide you through appropriate handling of issues on a case-by-case basis.  While handling these may seem unique and new to you, we have handled thousands of issues like these.

Should you be handling these issues yourself?  Or should you let HR/Labor Solutions lead the way to a productive, issue-free workplace?