Are your front-line supervisors getting the most out of your staff?  Your front-line managers and supervisors are critical to driving your business.  Unfortunately, many front-line supervisors are “up from the ranks” leaders who may be technically proficient, but who often lack the necessary leadership training and supervisory skills that will allow them—and you—to succeed.  Likewise, without proper training—especially in areas like sexual harassment and union avoidance—these managers can get you and your business in a whole lot of trouble.  HR/Labor Solutions offers customized, flexible, interactive training—at your location or ours—in the following areas:

* Communication and Interpersonal Skills *

* Motivating and Rewarding Employees *

* The Art of Constructive Feedback *

* Managing Conflict/Dealing with Difficult Employees *

* Performance Management and Disciplinary Action *

* Decision Making and Delegating *

* Managing “Up”:  Dealing with Your Supervisor *

* Diversity and Tolerance *

* Legal Issues:  Sexual Harassment and Discrimination *

* Work-Related Injuries and Accommodating Disabilities *

* Managing Change *

* Stress Management *