Effective human resources investigations are critical to managing employment-related risk and avoiding litigation.  Sexual harassment, discrimination, employee grievances: these words can strike fear in the heart of even the most savvy employer.  Claims of sexual harassment, discrimination, and other employee complaints represent serious workplace issues, and all should be investigated thoroughly.

Are you capable of handling this yourself? Are you, or your in-house staff in the best position to conduct a thorough, unbiased investigation as required by law?  Recent case law points to the importance of adequately and objectively investigating workplace complaints.  An employer’s obligation to investigate is now a legal requirement in many cases, and the standard for what constitutes an adequate investigation is higher than ever.

Let our seasoned human resources and legal professionals help you manage your risk.  Our consultants are trained investigators and licensed attorneys with significant experience in investigating and resolving the most difficult workplace issues.  We will conduct confidential interviews, gather relevant information, and make recommendations for resolving the issue—no matter how complex.  We are experts at preparing for litigation and providing testimony if required.  Let HR/Labor Solutions be your investigative resource.